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Main Reasons Why An EDC Knife Can Save Your Life

Posted by on Sep 14, 2016 in Knives | Comments Off on Main Reasons Why An EDC Knife Can Save Your Life

Traditionally, pocket knives have presented with rather negative stereotypes and associations. The knife itself was associated with danger and potential criminal behavior; however, keeping a knife as an EDC item can actually save a life. It has been seen that pocket knives are highly beneficial in emergency situations, as a means of protecting oneself, and even acting as substitute tools when necessary resources are out of reach. This article will provide some information on how carrying a pocket knife can be beneficial and can save your life.

Hunting And Preparing Food

prepare your own foodWhen enjoying an outdoor adventure, there is a chance that you will be required to hunt and prepare your own food. Admittedly, a pocket knife is not suitable for hunting anything larger than a rabbit, and even then you would need to be near enough to attack the animal. Yet, the knife can still be highly beneficial for hunting by preparing hunting tools. Using the blade of the knife, you will be able to fashion spears from sticks and hooks from bone creating efficient tools for catching animals, particularly fish.

Once the animals have been captured, it is necessary to kill and prepare the animal for consumption. The knife can be used to make any final incisions to kill the animal; for example, cutting the gullet of a fish or slashing the rabbit neck. For preparation, you can use your EDC knife to skin and clean the animal before removing the meat to be cooked. This shows that a knife can save your life and contribute to survival by ensuring you are able to find and prepare food in the wild.

To know more about the importance of an every day carry knife, visit this page.

Creating The Fire

Creating The FireBuilding a fire is essential for you to cook the animal, and the EDC knife can be used to collect the wood. It is not possible to cut large pieces of wood with small pocket knives; however, wet wood can be removed, and small branches can be stripped to create the ideal firewood. Furthermore, the knife can be used as an alternative flint if there are no means of lighting the fire. By striking the blade against a stone, it is possible to create sparks and ignite kindling.

Providing Self-Defense

The primary purpose of a knife was as a means of self-defense, it is purely coincidence that the blade can be used for various other functional purposes. This being the case, it is obvious that an EDC knife can save your life when using as a weapon. Of course, it is important that you know how to utilize the knife in combat situations and be prepared to manage it if you would be assaulted. It may be worth noting that a knife can assist in shaping additional defensive weapons through shaping spears. This is useful when in the wild as spears can be used against large animals more effectively than a knife.

Overcoming Emergency Situations

Irrespective of whether you are on a survival camp or strolling through the town, EDC knives can be useful when faced with emergency situations. For example, if you come upon an individual who has experienced an injury with severe bleeding, it is possible to cut away clothing to reach the injury and cut cloth to hold on the injury until the emergency medical teams arrive. Many people look upon these emergency situations with a feeling of helplessness; however, with an EDC you will be able to assist people in emergencies, whether it is another human or yourself.


As can be seen, there are various situations where the use of a knife can be highly beneficial. Using this information it is possible to make an informed decision as to whether or not you will place a pocket knife on your list of EDC items.

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The downfall of modern literature

Posted by on Jun 2, 2016 in Modern Literature | Comments Off on The downfall of modern literature

    Modern literature has been on its way down for some time. Whereas modern fiction found a way to introduce something new into the genre, classic modern literature turned toward the past in and failed to notice the lack of success this move made.

    The modern literature is plagued with so called “nostalgia-fest” where the majority of the writers turned toward Victorian age in the quest to write good novels. This kind of thinking is laughed at art, theatre and other art forms, but people fail to see the uselessness of it in the literature. The major problem is that a lot of literature has been written about that age, and new novels fail to bring anything new in the mix. These new works are reaching bestseller charts even though they are same versions of the old novels. This must change, because the modern literature will be buried in the past because it fails to move from it. characteristics-victorian-poetry_4b088c0a73d63ca3

   Only a small number of novelists are willing to take a risk and write more about the recent past and the present, and even though they do quite a good work, people don’t read them. The mistrust toward modern literature that copes with modern subjects is mainly due lack of good advertising, some of the history based books have too much. People got used to Victorian age and Tudor England based novels, and they think that a book can’t be good if it isn’t focused on those ages.

   urbanfantasyModern fiction and fantasy found several ways to freshen their respective genres. First of all they introduced “first person” narrative that wasn’t really popular or known in the past and they came up with a genre known as urban fantasy and urban fiction. These genres are mixture of present time, the plot happens in the real places, but the writing style is similar to that of the past. The difference is in the way the old style writing is taken and brought to the present.

    So, there is an obvious question looming above our heads, why can’t the modern literature take notes from fiction and fantasy and take the beautiful writing and plot settings and tell them with a present background. Imagine a Victorian style drama told in the present London with all the new things that can be added to thicken the plot. I would like to read something like that, wouldn’t you?


But, none of the aforementioned will happen as long as people make modern Victorian novels bestsellers. As long as this happen, no writer will decide to write something new regarding modern style writing and risk low sales instead of writing yet another novel whose setting is in Tudors England and earning money on theme recycled theme.

   It all comes down to us, the readers. If we stop buying recycled books then the writers will have to come up with something new in order to earn money. And once that happens we will have a lot of new and interesting books that we will be able to enjoy.


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Modern literature – In and out

Posted by on Jun 2, 2016 in Modern Literature | Comments Off on Modern literature – In and out

   The modern literature began as a writing style or genre after the Victorian era, but some argue that real modern era of literature began only after World War One. Which one you support doesn’t really matter, because modern literature has its own characteristics that define it.

    The first important factor of modern literature is its difference from Victorian era literature. The old style of writing focused on romance and drama and libraries were already filled with that kind of literature. The audience wanted something new and something more interesting to read (this audience and the generation after them were eventually responsible for the decline of the identity of the modern genre as we know it).Chatterton

   In order to bring new things into the writing, the novelists went on to write less romance and drama, and more drama connected with gruesome reality. This first step was largely unsuccessful because the difference between the old style of writing and this new style was too big a gap for them to swallow.

   wartopThe only genre that successfully adapted the elements of modern literature was fiction. New wars and new technology brought new elements to the fiction and fiction writers started creating works that incorporated those new elements and created many new subgenres. Even though the majority of people failed to see the excellence in the writing of these works, some people liked them and due to that, the modern fiction kept evolving until the present day. There were, and there still are many works that told us the stories of war with just a touch of either the drama or fiction. A number of different novels skyrocketed because the wars and technologies as the elements of the literature could be mixed with other genres and they created new books with new settings that were unlike anything people saw before.

    But the modern literature failed to make the transition from the Victorian era writing. Several works went around the world but the people weren’t satisfied. They still wanted the romance and only romance, and they wanted old England setting and nothing new was good enough for them. There have been some writers that used Victorian romance in their works, where they incorporated that romance in the setting of the war and other interesting backgrounds from the last 100 years, but old romantics failed to see the beauty in those works.tumblr_static_emma

    All of this caused the modern literature to stagnate and devolve into another form of Victorian romance writing. Soon after that the amount of good modern works began to decline and they were replaced with romance novels written in the old style. The only difference (if you can call it difference) was in the common usage of first person narrative. But this change only could not hide the similarity between that so-called modern writing and the writing of the old era.

The modern literature is at its lowest right now, and the critics have remained silent about it. Only a few of them have spoken about it and it is slowly but surely causing ripples in the world of literature.

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Are the history best works dying?

Posted by on Jun 2, 2016 in Modern Literature | Comments Off on Are the history best works dying?

Many people ask themselves: are good books dying? Why modern world literature replaces the best-written work? The biggest question of all is how anyone can become a writer? When we read in schools the best and the most popular work of American, Russian or English writers, all of these works are top notch. When it comes to comparing the movie to the book, then we can say this film will never leave the same impression as the book, and in the movie, actors can never say or bring the same harmony and the same feeling as a book.

        Each reader imagines books different and experiences are also different. Each book has left on everyone a different impression. Someone likes to read books while someone does not. The present time books have become a boring thing. There is nothing like a young man brags itself with a significant number of read books. It is now ridiculous.

      Textplode The quality book is the one that makes you think. Makes you reconsider yourself and makes your think about various characters from the book and especially their actions. The goal of every book is to give you some useful philosophy about the life. Modern literature doesn’t offer it much. All of them have become something usual. All in the face one another. What happens to books we are familiarized with? Why a book that is read in school to our children becomes annoying, and some not so good authors have reached the best-seller shelves in bookstores? World trade books slowly decay. People are selling best novels from the fast for some poor price, but nobody is interested in them. Why we convert into ordinary mortals who do not care for their history and for the writers of the last periods of time?

  We can say that old moral virtues of literature are now extinct. Literature is being written to sell more easily and not to present a complete form of art. In some period of time names of Tolstoy, Dostoyevsky, Goethe or Hemingway will perish, and we will live on literature which we find amusing but not informative in any sort. It is why our spiritual development is guideless. People who don’t have literature on their backs and in their minds, cannot be called civilization, and we are streaming to that current since the start of this century.  In our modern concept of literature, there are no human values, there is only a story which is touching or tragic, and sometimes there are happy endings but in real literature endings are real.hemingway

One of the best arguments of old literature is a social activity. Modern writers aren’t active in the social sphere, or they are active in a sense where regular readers cannot understand their words. This is probably because of a high number of writers and authors on the market. Everybody is some author or a writer because this can be learned in the modern times and somehow doesn’t have any connections with the talent. Anyhow, this is just my opinion.

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Literature as necessity

Posted by on Jun 2, 2016 in Modern Literature | Comments Off on Literature as necessity

In this period where movies, mass media, news, all sorts of videos are present, we are asking a question: is literature necessary? Literature is taking a significant place in a world history since the written word is something which is very important for our history. You will realize it by just one look at the bookshelves, or in many cabinets where you can find a lot of different and excellent books. This is the best proof of it.

The literature presents the written word. When we read something written, there is no such article or video, which can replace the book. We can hang out with a book always, and a book is our best friend. We just need to put it under our arm or in a bag, and the adventure can begin. By reading books, we are creating in our mind an avalanche of the picture which is the story of the book. We imagine the characters and the environment. We know that no one have had the same experience and the same book. Therefore, the book is invaluable, as opposed to films in which someone expressed their imagination.  That is the reason, why books are so special. Most appreciated books in the entire human kind were mostly made in the 20th century which extremely influenced the literature of the 21st century.

   To make this clear, people are upgrading their knowledge in a spiritual way by reading books and one of the best things; they are upgrading their knowledge about the language in which they are reading. „Reading is learning,” still seems to be the best method. Reading also trains the eyes, and you’re brain. Reading a book is sometimes very entertaining, especially if it is an interesting and exciting book. The pleasure is clearly in the foreground.

With daily reading, we are developing our speed. The average man takes about a minute and a half to read one page, but many people read faster. New technology has proved that we do not longer need to go to the library to borrow a book. Now, you can read books online on our phone or laptop. Scientists have proven that this can be harmful to you, especially books on the computer because it tires a lot and it damages your eyes.

Also, the bookstores aren’t working well because most people find the desired book on the Internet, and they read it on their computer. We can find some books free and download them, and for some, we have to pay.

 Therefore, is there a more beautiful feeling than having a shelf full of books which you like? What picture about themselves, these people are creating if they do not have any book in their house? Why is reading books obsolete? Why young people read more and more science fiction and write both simple and low-quality books? Such questions raise some well-read people and older writers.3151423_6a4b75e6e1_b

The good thing about reading a book is that it will never leave you indifferent. And in that name, let us try to say no to new technology because our whole history is collected in books. There is no better feeling and better praise when someone says that you are well-read.

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Is modern literature struggling to survive?

Posted by on May 14, 2016 in Modern Literature | Comments Off on Is modern literature struggling to survive?

    Literature was the main part of everyday life in the last century. People expanded their sights by reading various books and various authors. These authors usually were part of some art movement or a literature movement. These actions acted as some union which had a goal and that is to promote itself. In this way, authors and various writers of all genres came to attention. Some of them got the Nobel Prize for literature and in that way cleared the way into the hall of fame.

    BD1234-001With the arrival of the 21st century and its liberties, art somehow lost its meaning in the ordinary world. Artists are now finding a fresh way to express themselves and they completely depend on marketing and personal promotion. Art has become a product and the function of the artist and its function is to sell his product in any way he knows. This is the case with the modern literature. The point of it isn’t to express the people behavior, feelings, various destinies but to present something to the readers which is intriguing, interesting and fun. Other qualifications like learning from books and acquiring new views on the whole world are placed away.

    How will literature survive in the future?

In the modern times, we are all using services of mass media and we are communicating in all sorts of ways. Book became a product of the past and somehow as the technology makes its progress, reading is available in other ways which don’t necessarily have paper touching your fingers.A-woman-reading-a-Kindle--008

    Literature of previous literature periods such as romanticism or realism is relatively boring for the modern market when it comes to reading. Books from this period are qualified as jewels of literature and nothing will be able to change it but nothing is being done to make some advancement when it comes to a philosophical and aesthetical touch of the book or some other writers book. Everything is in the service of money and if the idea has some artistic virtue and value, it won’t be able to survive in the open world because it isn’t simply satisfying the needs of modern readers which demands are quite uncivilized then referring to the most selling books.bored-reader

    Life of an artist hasn’t been a treat in any times and thus it cannot be now. Since books do not oblige the needs of the modern market, who knows what will even happen when the books stop selling . This will be our near future and that will be a real dark age of humanity. In this way, we will clear a path for stupidity and irrationality to enter our lives. We won’t be able to face it or even notice it if we do not read good books and great authors. We should look into the past and in this way enlighten our path into the future. Hiding and in this way destroying the books is something which is contrary to the modern liberties and the human strive to improve itself.

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