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Main Reasons Why An EDC Knife Can Save Your Life

Posted by on Sep 14, 2016 in Knives | Comments Off on Main Reasons Why An EDC Knife Can Save Your Life

Traditionally, pocket knives have presented with rather negative stereotypes and associations. The knife itself was associated with danger and potential criminal behavior; however, keeping a knife as an EDC item can actually save a life. It has been seen that pocket knives are highly beneficial in emergency situations, as a means of protecting oneself, and even acting as substitute tools when necessary resources are out of reach. This article will provide some information on how carrying a pocket knife can be beneficial and can save your life.

Hunting And Preparing Food

prepare your own foodWhen enjoying an outdoor adventure, there is a chance that you will be required to hunt and prepare your own food. Admittedly, a pocket knife is not suitable for hunting anything larger than a rabbit, and even then you would need to be near enough to attack the animal. Yet, the knife can still be highly beneficial for hunting by preparing hunting tools. Using the blade of the knife, you will be able to fashion spears from sticks and hooks from bone creating efficient tools for catching animals, particularly fish.

Once the animals have been captured, it is necessary to kill and prepare the animal for consumption. The knife can be used to make any final incisions to kill the animal; for example, cutting the gullet of a fish or slashing the rabbit neck. For preparation, you can use your EDC knife to skin and clean the animal before removing the meat to be cooked. This shows that a knife can save your life and contribute to survival by ensuring you are able to find and prepare food in the wild.

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Creating The Fire

Creating The FireBuilding a fire is essential for you to cook the animal, and the EDC knife can be used to collect the wood. It is not possible to cut large pieces of wood with small pocket knives; however, wet wood can be removed, and small branches can be stripped to create the ideal firewood. Furthermore, the knife can be used as an alternative flint if there are no means of lighting the fire. By striking the blade against a stone, it is possible to create sparks and ignite kindling.

Providing Self-Defense

The primary purpose of a knife was as a means of self-defense, it is purely coincidence that the blade can be used for various other functional purposes. This being the case, it is obvious that an EDC knife can save your life when using as a weapon. Of course, it is important that you know how to utilize the knife in combat situations and be prepared to manage it if you would be assaulted. It may be worth noting that a knife can assist in shaping additional defensive weapons through shaping spears. This is useful when in the wild as spears can be used against large animals more effectively than a knife.

Overcoming Emergency Situations

Irrespective of whether you are on a survival camp or strolling through the town, EDC knives can be useful when faced with emergency situations. For example, if you come upon an individual who has experienced an injury with severe bleeding, it is possible to cut away clothing to reach the injury and cut cloth to hold on the injury until the emergency medical teams arrive. Many people look upon these emergency situations with a feeling of helplessness; however, with an EDC you will be able to assist people in emergencies, whether it is another human or yourself.


As can be seen, there are various situations where the use of a knife can be highly beneficial. Using this information it is possible to make an informed decision as to whether or not you will place a pocket knife on your list of EDC items.

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