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The downfall of modern literature

The downfall of modern literature

    Modern literature has been on its way down for some time. Whereas modern fiction found a way to introduce something new into the genre, classic modern literature turned toward the past in and failed to notice the lack of success this move made.

    The modern literature is plagued with so called “nostalgia-fest” where the majority of the writers turned toward Victorian age in the quest to write good novels. This kind of thinking is laughed at art, theatre and other art forms, but people fail to see the uselessness of it in the literature. The major problem is that a lot of literature has been written about that age, and new novels fail to bring anything new in the mix. These new works are reaching bestseller charts even though they are same versions of the old novels. This must change, because the modern literature will be buried in the past because it fails to move from it. characteristics-victorian-poetry_4b088c0a73d63ca3

   Only a small number of novelists are willing to take a risk and write more about the recent past and the present, and even though they do quite a good work, people don’t read them. The mistrust toward modern literature that copes with modern subjects is mainly due lack of good advertising, some of the history based books have too much. People got used to Victorian age and Tudor England based novels, and they think that a book can’t be good if it isn’t focused on those ages.

   urbanfantasyModern fiction and fantasy found several ways to freshen their respective genres. First of all they introduced “first person” narrative that wasn’t really popular or known in the past and they came up with a genre known as urban fantasy and urban fiction. These genres are mixture of present time, the plot happens in the real places, but the writing style is similar to that of the past. The difference is in the way the old style writing is taken and brought to the present.

    So, there is an obvious question looming above our heads, why can’t the modern literature take notes from fiction and fantasy and take the beautiful writing and plot settings and tell them with a present background. Imagine a Victorian style drama told in the present London with all the new things that can be added to thicken the plot. I would like to read something like that, wouldn’t you?


But, none of the aforementioned will happen as long as people make modern Victorian novels bestsellers. As long as this happen, no writer will decide to write something new regarding modern style writing and risk low sales instead of writing yet another novel whose setting is in Tudors England and earning money on theme recycled theme.

   It all comes down to us, the readers. If we stop buying recycled books then the writers will have to come up with something new in order to earn money. And once that happens we will have a lot of new and interesting books that we will be able to enjoy.


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