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Are the history best works dying?

Are the history best works dying?

Many people ask themselves: are good books dying? Why modern world literature replaces the best-written work? The biggest question of all is how anyone can become a writer? When we read in schools the best and the most popular work of American, Russian or English writers, all of these works are top notch. When it comes to comparing the movie to the book, then we can say this film will never leave the same impression as the book, and in the movie, actors can never say or bring the same harmony and the same feeling as a book.

        Each reader imagines books different and experiences are also different. Each book has left on everyone a different impression. Someone likes to read books while someone does not. The present time books have become a boring thing. There is nothing like a young man brags itself with a significant number of read books. It is now ridiculous.

      Textplode The quality book is the one that makes you think. Makes you reconsider yourself and makes your think about various characters from the book and especially their actions. The goal of every book is to give you some useful philosophy about the life. Modern literature doesn’t offer it much. All of them have become something usual. All in the face one another. What happens to books we are familiarized with? Why a book that is read in school to our children becomes annoying, and some not so good authors have reached the best-seller shelves in bookstores? World trade books slowly decay. People are selling best novels from the fast for some poor price, but nobody is interested in them. Why we convert into ordinary mortals who do not care for their history and for the writers of the last periods of time?

  We can say that old moral virtues of literature are now extinct. Literature is being written to sell more easily and not to present a complete form of art. In some period of time names of Tolstoy, Dostoyevsky, Goethe or Hemingway will perish, and we will live on literature which we find amusing but not informative in any sort. It is why our spiritual development is guideless. People who don’t have literature on their backs and in their minds, cannot be called civilization, and we are streaming to that current since the start of this century.  In our modern concept of literature, there are no human values, there is only a story which is touching or tragic, and sometimes there are happy endings but in real literature endings are real.hemingway

One of the best arguments of old literature is a social activity. Modern writers aren’t active in the social sphere, or they are active in a sense where regular readers cannot understand their words. This is probably because of a high number of writers and authors on the market. Everybody is some author or a writer because this can be learned in the modern times and somehow doesn’t have any connections with the talent. Anyhow, this is just my opinion.

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