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Literature as necessity

Literature as necessity

In this period where movies, mass media, news, all sorts of videos are present, we are asking a question: is literature necessary? Literature is taking a significant place in a world history since the written word is something which is very important for our history. You will realize it by just one look at the bookshelves, or in many cabinets where you can find a lot of different and excellent books. This is the best proof of it.

The literature presents the written word. When we read something written, there is no such article or video, which can replace the book. We can hang out with a book always, and a book is our best friend. We just need to put it under our arm or in a bag, and the adventure can begin. By reading books, we are creating in our mind an avalanche of the picture which is the story of the book. We imagine the characters and the environment. We know that no one have had the same experience and the same book. Therefore, the book is invaluable, as opposed to films in which someone expressed their imagination.  That is the reason, why books are so special. Most appreciated books in the entire human kind were mostly made in the 20th century which extremely influenced the literature of the 21st century.

   To make this clear, people are upgrading their knowledge in a spiritual way by reading books and one of the best things; they are upgrading their knowledge about the language in which they are reading. „Reading is learning,” still seems to be the best method. Reading also trains the eyes, and you’re brain. Reading a book is sometimes very entertaining, especially if it is an interesting and exciting book. The pleasure is clearly in the foreground.

With daily reading, we are developing our speed. The average man takes about a minute and a half to read one page, but many people read faster. New technology has proved that we do not longer need to go to the library to borrow a book. Now, you can read books online on our phone or laptop. Scientists have proven that this can be harmful to you, especially books on the computer because it tires a lot and it damages your eyes.

Also, the bookstores aren’t working well because most people find the desired book on the Internet, and they read it on their computer. We can find some books free and download them, and for some, we have to pay.

 Therefore, is there a more beautiful feeling than having a shelf full of books which you like? What picture about themselves, these people are creating if they do not have any book in their house? Why is reading books obsolete? Why young people read more and more science fiction and write both simple and low-quality books? Such questions raise some well-read people and older writers.3151423_6a4b75e6e1_b

The good thing about reading a book is that it will never leave you indifferent. And in that name, let us try to say no to new technology because our whole history is collected in books. There is no better feeling and better praise when someone says that you are well-read.

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