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Modern literature – In and out

Modern literature – In and out

   The modern literature began as a writing style or genre after the Victorian era, but some argue that real modern era of literature began only after World War One. Which one you support doesn’t really matter, because modern literature has its own characteristics that define it.

    The first important factor of modern literature is its difference from Victorian era literature. The old style of writing focused on romance and drama and libraries were already filled with that kind of literature. The audience wanted something new and something more interesting to read (this audience and the generation after them were eventually responsible for the decline of the identity of the modern genre as we know it).Chatterton

   In order to bring new things into the writing, the novelists went on to write less romance and drama, and more drama connected with gruesome reality. This first step was largely unsuccessful because the difference between the old style of writing and this new style was too big a gap for them to swallow.

   wartopThe only genre that successfully adapted the elements of modern literature was fiction. New wars and new technology brought new elements to the fiction and fiction writers started creating works that incorporated those new elements and created many new subgenres. Even though the majority of people failed to see the excellence in the writing of these works, some people liked them and due to that, the modern fiction kept evolving until the present day. There were, and there still are many works that told us the stories of war with just a touch of either the drama or fiction. A number of different novels skyrocketed because the wars and technologies as the elements of the literature could be mixed with other genres and they created new books with new settings that were unlike anything people saw before.

    But the modern literature failed to make the transition from the Victorian era writing. Several works went around the world but the people weren’t satisfied. They still wanted the romance and only romance, and they wanted old England setting and nothing new was good enough for them. There have been some writers that used Victorian romance in their works, where they incorporated that romance in the setting of the war and other interesting backgrounds from the last 100 years, but old romantics failed to see the beauty in those works.tumblr_static_emma

    All of this caused the modern literature to stagnate and devolve into another form of Victorian romance writing. Soon after that the amount of good modern works began to decline and they were replaced with romance novels written in the old style. The only difference (if you can call it difference) was in the common usage of first person narrative. But this change only could not hide the similarity between that so-called modern writing and the writing of the old era.

The modern literature is at its lowest right now, and the critics have remained silent about it. Only a few of them have spoken about it and it is slowly but surely causing ripples in the world of literature.

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