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Is modern literature struggling to survive?

Is modern literature struggling to survive?

    Literature was the main part of everyday life in the last century. People expanded their sights by reading various books and various authors. These authors usually were part of some art movement or a literature movement. These actions acted as some union which had a goal and that is to promote itself. In this way, authors and various writers of all genres came to attention. Some of them got the Nobel Prize for literature and in that way cleared the way into the hall of fame.

    BD1234-001With the arrival of the 21st century and its liberties, art somehow lost its meaning in the ordinary world. Artists are now finding a fresh way to express themselves and they completely depend on marketing and personal promotion. Art has become a product and the function of the artist and its function is to sell his product in any way he knows. This is the case with the modern literature. The point of it isn’t to express the people behavior, feelings, various destinies but to present something to the readers which is intriguing, interesting and fun. Other qualifications like learning from books and acquiring new views on the whole world are placed away.

    How will literature survive in the future?

In the modern times, we are all using services of mass media and we are communicating in all sorts of ways. Book became a product of the past and somehow as the technology makes its progress, reading is available in other ways which don’t necessarily have paper touching your fingers.A-woman-reading-a-Kindle--008

    Literature of previous literature periods such as romanticism or realism is relatively boring for the modern market when it comes to reading. Books from this period are qualified as jewels of literature and nothing will be able to change it but nothing is being done to make some advancement when it comes to a philosophical and aesthetical touch of the book or some other writers book. Everything is in the service of money and if the idea has some artistic virtue and value, it won’t be able to survive in the open world because it isn’t simply satisfying the needs of modern readers which demands are quite uncivilized then referring to the most selling books.bored-reader

    Life of an artist hasn’t been a treat in any times and thus it cannot be now. Since books do not oblige the needs of the modern market, who knows what will even happen when the books stop selling . This will be our near future and that will be a real dark age of humanity. In this way, we will clear a path for stupidity and irrationality to enter our lives. We won’t be able to face it or even notice it if we do not read good books and great authors. We should look into the past and in this way enlighten our path into the future. Hiding and in this way destroying the books is something which is contrary to the modern liberties and the human strive to improve itself.

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